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Iglesia Ni Cristo Beliefs, Doctrines, Teachings

Manila, Philippines - Most of the times, Iglesia Ni Cristo can only be heard during elections in the Philippines. Right? Politicians are waiting for the political endorsements of Iglesia Ni Cristo since INC practices bloc-voting to their members. Expulsion from Iglesia Ni Cristo will be given to members if they will not follow or vote the politicians picked or anointed by the INC administration. You can be forgiven for being absent in church gatherings but not by transgressing the political decisions of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. For Iglesia Ni Cristo, they are the only lucky ones who will be saved. Most INC members are Filipinos. The headquarters of INC is in Quezon City, Philippines and still, most of around 7 billion of people around the world never heard of INC the cult.

The list is an overview of the weird doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult.

• Felix Manalo is an angel sent from heaven

• Felix Manalo is the Last Messenger of God

• Felix Manalo is the seed of Abraham

• Felix Manalo ravenous bird from the east (Isaias 46:11)

• INC members deny that Jesus Christ is a God, he is just human

• Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and others will burn in hell

• Only INC members (approx 1 million) will be saved and enjoy heaven

• Bible and other Protestant references are the basis of the INC beliefs and doctrines

• Political block-voting is based in the Bible

• The Big Four of World War 1 are angels or "sent"

• Iglesia Ni Cristo is against trinity

• INC believes that their House of Worship is a dwelling place of the spirit of their God

• Catholic Priests and Pastors of Protestants are ministers of Satan

• Iglesia Ni Cristo is the one True Church

• does not allow marriage with non-INC members

• Cremation of dead INC members is not allowed

• The Church built by Christ during the 1st century has apostatized by Catholics

• Iglesia Ni Cristo founded by Felix Manalo in the Philippines is a fulfillment of God's prophecy

• INC members erected a bronze statue of Felix Manalo

• Eating of blood is prohibited

• Unity in politics is closely implemented during Philippine elections

• Iglesia Ni Cristo do their prayerss by standing

• INC members are normally not allowed to join rallies, however, Most of the crowd in EDSA3 are INC members

• Manalo Family (Felix, EraƱo and Eduardo) are their past and present Executive Ministers

 • Know more about the Felix Manalo and Rosita Trillanes Rape Case:

Iglesia Ni Cristo


  1. the Holy Bible has all the answer. the INC pick some verses only that will agree to their beliefs, I pray to God in the Name of Jesus Christ (whom they dont acknowledge as God) , have mercy on them..

  2. why some religious groups cant understand the Bible?
    its clear that Jesus Christ is God who became a man to save all sinners.
    read the Bible wholly. not just picking up some verses to give proof to your beliefs..

  3. I absolutely agree with you Nonoy... i cant even understand why INC is doing that lols.. I attended their doctrine lesson in 3 sessions out of curiosity nevertheless, i was not convinced with their networking business :(

    it's all pure political and personal driven

    1. Absolutely right mr anonymous; to add further, one should and must take the message written in the Bible, NOT ONLY the CONTEXT but STRICKLY following the WEIGHT OF EVIDENCE. People should learn hard lessons in dealing with the deceptions obvious with INK.

  4. INC is a false religion. If Felix Manalo claimed himself (with no approval or "intercession" from God) as the last messenger, then I can do that too because I did the same thing he did but I found out that NO ONE REALLY KNOWS THE TRUTH OF THESE THINGS EXCEPT GOD YET THEY CLAIM THAT THEY HAVE THE TRUTH. Isn't this blasphemy?

  5. yah Right INC is a cult,, they can build beautiful churches and the under construction Philippine Arena(Will be known as biggest arena of the world)maybe their fund came from other politicians... And Felix Manalo, is an ex-adventist you know what felix manalo was also a worker and layman in adventist church and known as one of the helper to raise the adventism in year 1904 here in the philippines but then he go in their house in punta, manila where he studied the doctrines of seventh-day adventist and R.C for whole three days... and then taaadaaaa!!!! he raise his church Known as Iglesia ni Cristo... so many adventists was consider to follow him and some of the doctrines of adventist was copied and practice it in INC like second coming.... (gya-gaya yang INC d nga nila pinapractice ung sabbath eh... so adventist for me is the true and remnant church, and mas magagaling ang theologians ng SDA church kesa kanila bulaang propeta yang si manalo... i challenge niyo ung INC tanong niyo kung gnagawa nila lhat ng nasa bible and if they say yes tanong niyo ung about sabbath!!!))

    -All INC, be aware for what you are believing and practicing

    1. Good day bro.
      do you have any idea about the strictness of the word sabbath as you've mentioned??
      do you really think sabbath law is applicable today as what the first nation of GOD did??
      do you think that you can keep the sabbath law in thins generation?

      -nice words bro.! you don't have any idea what you've spoke!!

  6. Very well said, it's true felix manalo was from the adventist denomination, got discilined from the sda church, and even he when under the disciplined status refused to accept,yield and admit his carnal mistake which resulted in him being totally disfellowship from the adventist church...and for a little information, when he was on his deathbed that was when he called his closest of brothers and church members and told them that the foundation of the beliefs and doctrines which he founded were ALL NOT THE TRUTH, and that it was already to late to change for what he started had now spread widely all throughout Philippines, that it was up to his subbordinates to decide whether to continue or stop but nonetheless as we can see today INC is still continuing its work misleading other souls from the grace given at the cross it a sad thing to know how can a single intelligent individual would use his talents in twisting the truths being revealed in God's book.


    Aside from the Rosita Trillanes Rape Case,
    Teresa Teodora is also another victim of Felix Manalo, to which he had a daughter.
    The document below from PMCC coincides with the Affidavit of Tomasa Geronimo published in one of the columns of “Ang Bansa” daily publication.

    “Felix Manalo impregnated and bore a child to Teresa Teodoro. Teresa’s child is a girl.”
    Affidavit was made on Dec. 29, 1921.

    Tomasa Geronimo and Basilia Santiago, both accused by Felix Manalo for “Paninirang Puri” (Libel),
    were acquitted by Judge Concepcion for legal evidences proven by the Court:
    (published in “Taliba” on May 7, 1923)

    “Felix Manalo’s immorality was proven by the court and Manalo was satisfied without appeal.”
    • Accusation of Tomasa Geronimo: Criminal Case No. 23858
    • Accusation of Basilia Santiago: Criminal Case No. 23859