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Iglesia Ni Cristo Doxology and Trinity

Manila, Philippines - Iglesia Ni Cristo is against Trinity. The INC cult firmly believes that Jesus Christ is not a God but only human. INC does not believe the deity status of Jesus Christ, they strongly deny it. INC bloggers are up on their feet in attacking other religions like the Catholics and Protestants. Even the Iglesia Ni Cristo doctrine is very vocal in attacking religions believing that only INC will be saved. All non INC members will be burned to hell, that includes Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and non-believers. Felix Manalo started Iglesia Ni Cristo in the latter part of 1913. Felix was a former Catholic like his parents. Felix also joined other Protestant groups before he decided in forming his own group. I just cannot imagine how Felix Manalo strongly condemns Catholics when his mother was a Catholic. My mother is also a Catholic and I strongly oppose/detest the INC teaching that all Catholics will be burned to hell. Curse you Felix manalo. I love my mother. How dare you condemn Catholics to hell? Felix Manalo, if you do not love your (Catholic) mother, don't condemn her to hell, you ingrate bastard.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

INC doxology:
Purihin natin ang Ama,
Mabuhay sa pag-ibig ng Anak,
Taglayin ang espiritung banal,
Ang Diyos ay lagi nating sambahin


I cannot remember any INC document stating that Jesus Christ should be worshipped or 'sambahin'. Iglesia Ni Cristo only recognizes God the Father as the only God. to INC: Jesus Christ is just man. to INC: they deny that Jesus Christ is a God. It's quite sad but that is part of the weird doctrines of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. The Iglesia Ni Cristo doxology spells it all. Another weird INC doctrine is that they believe that Felix Manalo is an angel sent by God. Jesus Christ is just man. Felix Manalo is an angel from heaven. Weird. Disgusting. I have talked to some INC members in different internet forums about their doctrines and I found them to be blinded or brainwashed. They simply do not accept any logical or biblical reasoning that are against their faith. In return, INC members will call you names, curse you and spread lies about you. They would even write blogs about their enemies as some of our Catholic friends can testify. The INC bloggers are vicious and maligning other. INC bloggers cannot explain their own weird and twisted doctrine so they attack other religions.

Iglesia Ni Cristo condemns Catholics, Protestants and Muslims. All of us will burn in hell as INC believes. My mother is a kind hearted catholic who raise her kids teaching us good manners not to judge others so hastily. We have different races and different faith. Some people believe in Trinity, some do not. Some believe in religion, some do not. Some practices Christianity on their lives, some do not. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a cult who enjoys attacking other religions who are against the INC doctrines. The INC Doxology tells a lot that they only recognize one God. They condemn Catholics and Protestants. For me, for us, Jesus Christ is a God. Leave us alone, Iglesia Ni Cristo. Do not judge other so you will not be judged. It's the golden rule that Iglesia Ni Cristo cult should treasure. I love my (Catholic) mother. I don't INC judging her to burn in hell. The Manalo ancestry before Felix was non-INC members. Are they also going to rot in hell? Please answer that Iglesia Ni Cristo members.

Iglesia Ni Cristo


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