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Iglesia Ni Cristo Eduardo Manalo Children

Manila, Philippines - Ka Eduardo Manalo have been blessed with 3 children. Dorothy Kristine, Gemma Minna (a choir member) and Angelo Eraño (expected to inherit the INC leadership from Eduardo). The religious dynasty of the Manalo family in the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the foundation of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. Some say that without Felix Manalo, the Church of Christ cannot be built (again) -- a heretic claim by some lunatics. Eduardo Manalo is still newbie on his new task of being the INC executive minister after his father, Eraño Manalo died recently. Ka Eduardo Manalo is still making his baby steps in making political decisions affecting Iglesia Ni Cristo. This can explain why INC chooses a sure winner on the 2010 Presidential election of the Philippines, despite the INC bitter history from Hacienda Luicita. Eduardo Manalo can't afford to lose on picking candidates in politics. Otherwise, his successor will find difficult times in endorsing government appointments.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

The lifestyle of the Manalo family is totally different from us, specially to poor INC members. The Manalo children enjoy security and wealth no one could ever imagine. I don't think any Manalo family has to worry about the food to eat and clothes to wear. Unlike most of the Filipino children, everyday existence is a struggle. The Iglesia Ni Cristo members may continue to glorify the Manalo family but our empty stomachs cannot hide the fact that the Manalo family is filthy rich. Filthy as pigs? No. That's too much. The Manalo children have also no problems in taking a bath every day. Hot or Cold bath is a luxury with the blessed rich kids while most Filipino children have even no reliable constant running clean water to drink to. Poor Filipinos have to fetch or line up in long queues just to be able to get water. Those are the hardships that the Manalo Family have no idea because they are enjoying a totally worry-free life. The kids of the Manalo family have no difficulty of looking for work either. Iglesia Ni Cristo have a lots of businesses that they can join whenever they wishes to.

I guess the only problems the Manalo children have to endure is the INC members who continue to embarrass the Iglesia Ni Cristo as a whole. They are the INC members who are crime offenders and INC bloggers who constantly write articles about INC who eventually put INC into shame. With the arrogance and intolerance of the fanatic INC bloggers, they are slowly inspiring Filipino bloggers to further expose the atrocities of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. The talkative dirty mouths of the Iglesia Ni Cristo members are annoying, like readme / Conrad Obligacion. They would usually attack and malign other people. Does these rotten INC members reflect the INC teaching, affects the Manalo Family, the Manalo children and the Iglesia Ni Cristo in general? I think so.

The oath-taking of Brother Angelo Eraño as asst. evangelical worker in the congregation of V. Luna, and as the coordinator of Christian Family Organization (CFO) the Metro Manila districts (East, North & South) is a sign that the Manalo family shows no stopping in getting hold of the throne of Iglesia Ni Cristo. The dynasty of the Manalo Family must stay. At all cost. The preparation for Angelo Eraño Manalo has already started. The father and son tradition on the Iglesia Ni Cristo will stay. All hail to the Manalo family.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

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