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Iglesia Ni Cristo Happy Birthday Felix Manalo

Manila, Philippines - Iglesia Ni Cristo wants us to believe that they do not celebrate Christmas. They say they do not celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ but they do celebrate and commemorate the birth date of their dead founder Felix Manalo. Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that Jesus Christ is not a God, he is only man but INC believe that Felix Manalo is an angel. Weird. They celebrate and commemorate the birthday of Felix Manalo who died of a disease. They look up to him as an angel sent by heaven to save them. Iglesia Ni Cristo includes Felix Manalo on their prayers, songs, hymns and poems. Iglesia Ni Cristo even erected a bronze statue for Felix Manalo. Idolatry? Yes. Stupidity? Yes. Holiness? No.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

May 10, 1886 - Happy Birthday Felix Manalo. I am sure every INC members are thankful on their lucky stars that heaven have sent you down Felix Manalo to propagate the words he twisted from the bible. But I certainly doubt that the victims of the INC cult would have been happy that the Felix Manalo started and founded the political cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Being murdered by INC members inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo Chapel in unforgettable. The Political influence of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippine Society is unforgivable. Imagine? Iglesia Ni Cristo members died and hurt while trying to attack the Malacanang palace during EDSA 3? What a travesty and mockery of Christian faith?! The supposed Bible reader should show admirable way of living NOT dying for a political cause. Felix Manalo even disowned his father by not using the last name of his father. Manalo is the last name of mother. Ysagun is the last name of his father. The whole story about Felix Manalo being a disrespectful son can be read on the provided link.

The cowardness of Felix Manalo was also manifested by history when he gave up the INC leadership to Prudencio Vasquez during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. I doubt that any genuine angel sent by heaven would do such a cowardice act. Why a supposedly brave leader of his flock would leave his sheeps because some Japanese made him to leave his office?

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Politics would have been the favorite subject of Felix Manalo aside from religious deception. The religious doctrine of block voting by the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the secret tool for gaining political influence have been effective since from the beginning. Consequently, the current heir of the Manalo reign, executive minister Eduardo Manalo is enjoying comfortable status of putting politicians on their knees during election campaign periods. The INC endorsement have been sought after during elections. Luckily, not all INC endorsements are successful. Presidential candidate Danding Cojuangco was only 4th placer when the Manalo family of the Iglesia Ni Cristo picked him as a presidential candidate. INC learned from their mistake and started to endorse politicians with the win-ability factor and someone who leads any early election polls. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a wise a serpent in the grass, waiting to strike. INC members takes pride on how politicians ask the 'blessing' of the Manalo family of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Even the considered the worst Philippine President Gloria Arroyo was blessed by EraƱo Manalo. Just like how Felix Manalo blessed Ferdinand Marcos instead of Cory Aquino during the 1986 presidential election. That is how the Manalo family strangely works in politics.

Only INC members glorify Felix Manalo too much, because outside Iglesia Ni Cristo, Felix Manalo is a nobody. INC may consider him as an angel sent from heaven to save them but we are not stupid to be fooled by the angel tricks of Felix Manalo. Iglesia Ni Cristo members, can you please educate us on your understanding about angels? How did Felix Manalo became as an angel?

Iglesia Ni Cristo

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  1. haha. That's weird. They really exalt manalo in a high place while bringing Jesus down under manalo's feet. They will surely be in hell for blaspheming the name of Jesus.