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Iglesia Ni Cristo 97th Anniversary

Manila, Philippines (July 27, 2011)- Happy Iglesia Ni Cristo 97th Anniversary to all INC cult members and we wish no more political endorsements with your doctrine of block-voting. Just like every year, Pinoyworld.org, Manila Bulletin and Sunstar.com.ph are expected to provide us some (paid?) greetings for the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Some politicians will also pay expensive newspaper greetings to Iglesia Ni Cristo cult (dateline, inquirer). It's not even new to see that there will be also expensive centerfold greetings for the Manalo family and it's followers for their Anniversary. Most of the times, this important church event of the INC appears to be a parade of politicians wanting to send their greetings to the Manalo family. Press releases will be everywhere about the global expansion of INC but we all know that the INC population is greatly exaggerated. You cannot even see many Caucasian or non Filipino INC members. Most of the foreigners who join INC are because of marriages. Female INC members cannot marry non INC members. Their partners have to be converted and baptized as Manalo followers. Salvation is exclusive to INC members only.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Under the leadership of Brother Felix Ysagun Manalo, (believed as an angel sent from heaven) started the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult in 1913. Felix Manalo then passed the INC leadership to his son Eraño Manalo and then to Eduardo Manalo. It has been the Manalo family since from the start with the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Brother Angelo Eraño Manalo (son of Eduardo Manalo) is now starting his way to the top after he has been ordained as INC minister recently. In any unexpected accident, death or twist of fate happens to the reigning INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo, I expect that Brother Angelo Eraño Manalo will take over the Iglesia Ni Cristo political dictatorship. (Politicians to be voted during elections are being dictated to INC blind followers, church expulsion will be given to anyone who will transgress the INC church doctrine of bloc-voting). Political leadership here in the Philippines is by election. In the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the leadership is by inheritance. Felix Manalo. Eraño Manalo. Eduardo Manalo. No Question should be asked about their appointment.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

With less than a million (mostly Filipino) INC members around the world in their different ecclesiastical districts, are all expected (forced) to join the Iglesia Ni Cristo Day festivities. Non-INC members or guests are also welcome to join so they can be included on pictures and videos to appear that INC membership is multiplying. If the "official" INC members are truly something to be proud of, I guess, INC administration would have no problem in announcing it. But reality is scarier that fiction to the INC leadership. Lesser people are now being attracted in joining INC because of their ruthless campaign on the internet to create blogs (say hello to readme | conrad) and malign other people. Iglesia Ni Cristo also continues to expand overseas by buying expensive properties completely ignoring the poverty of their poor INC members. FX, Jeepney, Tricycle drivers, sidewalk vendors and low income INC members continue to give money to Iglesia Ni Cristo while INC buys expensive properties everywhere. They say that these INC chapels are offering for the glory of their god but we all know that God does not need or want those INC chapels.

Iglesia Ni Cristo leading its members towards spiritual enlightenment and good citizenry is a joke, a farce. Please read the crimes and atrocities of INC members are getting involved with. Rape, Murder and unconvincing way of living of public servants are not great sample of good citizenry. Cong. Rodante Marcoleta. Reynaldo Wycoco (NBI).Arlyn Dela Cruz (Inquirer). Virginia Torres (LTO).

Iglesia Ni Cristo Grand Evangelical Missions, Bible expositions and TV programs are not even worth admiring. The weird doctrines of Iglesia Ni Cristo are condemnable in the eyes of God. Twisting the word of God and maligning people thru INC blogs are wicked. 97 years of Iglesia Ni Cristo is disgusting. Misleading people using Bible but brainwashing them with political endorsements is abominable. Please teach us to love and compassion to other people not hate. Condemning non-INC members to hell is unfathomable. Why would INC quickly judge non-INC members to hell? Again, Happy Iglesia Ni Cristo 97th Anniversary to all INC members.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

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Iglesia Ni Cristo

1 comment:

  1. By allowing Iglesia Ni Cristo news and updates to be published in broadsheets is also giving Iglesia Ni Cristo media exposure. This is the media exposure being used by INC to intervene in Philippine politics just like what they did in intervening in the selection process of Senate President in 2010 and the impeachment case of the former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez.

    Sometimes, I also blame the Philippine media for giving too much exposure for Iglesia Ni Cristo. The power to influence is being exploited by the Iglesia Ni Cristo for their personal gains just what like happened in EDSA 3.

    Power in (overestimated) number. I can't believe that some newspapers would even publish that Iglesia Ni Cristo members would reach 5, 6, 8-10 million. That's insane. INC does not even have the nerve to reveal their official total number of membership. Iglesia Ni Cristo have a long line of FAILED political endorsements. Leading the list is the lost of Danding Cojuangco and INC in 1992 and the lost of Mar Roxas in 2010. I estimate that INC is less than 1-2 million basing the number of votes got by the Alagad party list. (Alagad representative Rodante Marcoleta is an INC member)

    To Manila Bulletin, Inquirer, Abs-Cbnnews, GMANews, Philstar, Daily Tribune and other news outfits in the Philippines, please stop giving any further media exposure to Iglesia Ni Cristo.

    The media exposures being enjoyed by the INC of the Manalo family are being exploited for political reasons.

    Journalism should be above money and paid advertisements for Iglesia Ni Cristo.

    Better welfare of the greater good should be above money and paid advertisements for Iglesia Ni Cristo.

    Do our country a favor, stop patronizing Iglesia Ni Cristo.