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Iglesia Ni Cristo Romans 16:16 Holy Kiss

Manila, Philippines - We can see it everywhere with INC members. Their houses, FX, jeepney stickers and tricycle designs. The bible verse Romans 16:16 is one of the favorites of any Iglesia Ni Cristo member. They claim that it is their scriptural evidence that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the real church. Or that is what they have been deceived by Felix Manalo and his family. In Romans 16:16, Paul is clearly the collection of churches NOT he is not stating the name of the Christian church. The churches of Christ salute you. Binabati kayo ng lahat ng mga iglesia ni Cristo. It is in plural form not a distinct name. Felix Manalo deceived his members even those literate and educated members. He was able to misled his members with this simple english grammatical misunderstanding. Even in countries outside the Philippines, the Felix Manalo cult is ignorantly using the term Iglesia Ni Cristo as their church name. It is very seldom that they use Church Of Christ since tons of religious groups also uses Church Of Christ. So far, only the followers of the Manalo Family proudly uses Iglesia Ni Cristo name because most bible readers think that it is really wrong.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Salute one another with an holy kiss.
The churches of Christ salute you.
Romans 16:16

Mangagbatian kayo ng banal na halik.
Binabati kayo ng lahat ng mga iglesia ni Cristo.
Romans 16:16

Iglesia Ni Cristo also mistakenly using Romans 16:16 for their practice of holy kiss. It appears that they also do not know how to practice the holy kiss properly. Ask any Iglesia Ni Cristo member on your schools and offices about their understanding about the holy kiss and they will simply admit that they are also having hard time in comprehending it. Imagine that. Even themselves cannot fully explain their favorite bible verse Romans 16:16 and they still have the nerve to display it stickers of their vehicles and properties. Do Iglesia Ni Cristo members practice holy kiss among themselves?

Iglesia Ni Cristo cult have a really lots of weird doctrines. They cannot even explain how Felix Manalo became an angel. It is just an addition how they believe that only INC members will be go to heaven. All Catholics, Protestants and Muslims will burn in hell. That how lucky INC members feel for themselves. They were brainwashed that heaven is exclusive for INC members only. How about the INC members who murders, rapes and cheats? The political cult Iglesia Ni Cristo is narrow minded into their way of close minded thinking they they are the only fortunate beings to escape the wrath of burning fires of hell. Even in the Philippines, INC members are not even admired for their supposedly admirable christian way of living. Probably this is the same reason why Filipinos refuse to join the INC cult and INC members are also leaving the Manalo family.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

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  1. strongly agree! .....The churches of Christ salute you. English 101, Noun are names of persons, places, things. There are 2 types of Nouns, Proper and Common. The word "churches" in Romans 16:16 is a common noun, not Proper as the INC claims that the word churches refers to their group's name which is wrong.