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Felix Manalo The False Prophet and his Ordination

Manila, Philippines - Felix Manalo was born and baptized as Catholic. He decided to form his own cult group, Iglesia Ni Cristo. Felix was not baptized as an official INC member and later he damned Catholics, Protestants and Muslims to hell. Some INC member would say that it doesn't matter that Felix Manalo was not baptized as INC. Another problem INC members have to answer, why is that Felix Manalo was ordained by Catholics and Protestants who INC treats as people who belong to hell and of the devil? Bloggers have already discussed the topic extensively. (emilyjordan: The Secret Behind Felix Manalo’s Ordination [link] and catholicdefender2000: Felix Manalo's Ordination by pastors he considers Apostates and of the devil [link]). We just hope that the INC members would open their eyes, heart and mind and start embracing the truth about Felix Manalo. The angelic status and the claim of Felix Manalo as being an angel and messenger sent by heaven is really questionable.

1. Felix Manalo was baptized as a Catholic

2. Felix Manalo formed his own cult group, Iglesia Ni Cristo

3. Felix Manalo was ordained by Catholics and Protestants

4. Felix Manalo thinks Catholics and Protestants belongs to the devil

1 comment:

  1. No, there were no Catholics during his ordination, only various protestant pastors.