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Felix Manalo was baptized as Catholic but not in INC

John the Baptist •  Felix Manalo (the Fake Angel)
lived and died in poverty •  lived in luxury
ate locusts and wild honey for food •  was able to acquired many properties
followed Christ's teachings •  transgressed Christ's teachings
John the Baptist was not baptized to other religions •  Felix Manalo was baptized and joined other religions
died as martyr • died with a disease
John's parents are both righteous •  Felix's parents are Catholics, which Felix hates so much
hated by politician (Herod) •  loved by politicians (Filipino)
True messenger of God •  FAKE messenger of God
Sent by God •  Sent himself (proclaimed as angel)

Manila, Philippines - Born and raised as Catholic, Felix Manalo decided to form his own church after transferring from different religions in the Philippines. After he established Iglesia Ni Cristo, Manalo invented a doctrine that only INC members are going to be saved and all Catholics, Protestants, Muslims will burn in hell. I don't know why and how some INC members would even compare Felix Manalo to John the Baptist. Some bozo may try to convince us that since John the Baptist was not baptized, therefore; it's only ok that Felix Manalo was not baptized as Iglesia Ni Cristo member. A simple explanation that only simpleton cult follower can accept. Felix Manalo invented many lies to twist bible verses according to his own doctrine. Felix Manalo is not a true messenger of God.

It is time for you to think about salvation!

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