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Iglesia Ni Cristo Halloween

Manila, Philippines - Brother Eduardo Villanueva Manalo was born in Manila, Philippines on October 31, 1955 --- Halloween. The grandchild of an alleged rapist, Felix Manalo. Ka Felix is also believed by INC members to be an angel sent by God to lead the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult to salvation. The horror stories inside the cult of the Manalo family are really scary than the our typical ghost stories. 5 PUP students were brutally killed inside an INC chapel in Punta Sta. Ana. INC pastor and his family was also killed inside the Iglesia Ni Cristo compound in Cavite. The suspect is also an INC member. The brutal crimes of murder and butchery by INC members are really scary and unimaginable. The Iglesia Ni Cristo members may claim that they do not celebrate Halloween but the trick or treat inside the INC cult is much scarier. Ka Eduardo was born on Halloween. What could be more creepier than that?! The brutal acts of the INC members and ministers are common practices of INC whenever their enemies confront them.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

The long history of Iglesia Ni Cristo atrocities are truly embarrassing to any INC member. I do know the INC cult celebrate and commemorate the birth date of Brother EraƱo Manalo which is on January2. I am not sure if the Manalo blind followers also celebrate the birth date of Ka Eduardo during Halloween, October 31. Celebrating the birthday of Brother Eduardo Manalo on October 31 is much worse than celebrating Halloween. INC members may say that Halloween came from PAGAN PRACTICES and not a CHRISTIAN PRACTICE. But celebrating the Birthday of Felix Manalo, Erano Manalo and Eduardo Manalo is not also written in the bible. To be honest, I am more scared with the Iglesia Ni Cristo than ghosts because INC members actually hurts their enemies. Some religious debates with the Iglesia Ni Cristo usually ends in a violent manner. Iglesia Ni Cristo members beat up Pentecostal members in a religious debate.

Please beware on talking or saying bad things to any member of the Manalo family or you might get hurt. It's either you might end up in hospital or cemetery. The religious doctrine of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is more stranger than fiction. I cannot believe how INC members got fooled by INC in professing that Felix Manalo is an angel. Felix Manalo died because of a stomach disease. Do angel die because of some disease? Iglesia Ni Cristo may celebrate Christmas. Iglesia Ni Cristo can celebrate Birthdays. Iglesia Ni Cristo can celebrate New Year. But they strongly deny Halloween. They hate Halloween too much. Is it because that Ka Eduardo Manalo was born on Halloween?

INC would rather celebrate the birthday of Eduardo Manalo on October 31, Halloween
than to celebrate the widely accepted birthday of the lord on December 25, Christmas?

Remember, Felix Manalo was ordained as a minister on December 25, Christmas day.
Remember, Felix Manalo celebrated INC anniversary on December 25, Christmas day.

October 31
Happy Halloween to All Iglesia Ni Cristo members.
Happy Birthday to Brother Eduardo Manalo.

Iglesia Ni Cristo

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  1. I was just having a conversation over this I am glad I came across this it cleared some of the questions I had.